History of the IMACASA logo

In 1964 the IMACASA brand was born with a focus on the manufacturing of agricultural tools. Its logo was represented by plow blade that became the symbol of the brand in its early years.

As time went by, the IMACASA logo adopted the green and orange colors, in order to highlight the quality of the manufactured products, including the brand's first slogan: "Defying Time Through Quality."

In the 80's, the typography was modified and a relief was added to the logo to match the trend of that time.

In 2004 an important change was made to include a new graphic line, maintaining a philosophy of durability and resistance of the product. This gave rise to a new brand slogan: "Strength Trough your Work."

In 2021 IMACASA launched a new regional marketing strategy to refresh and renovate its brand, which included an updated logo with an elegant and modern design and colors; and a slogan that summarizes two of the most representative attributes of the brand: "Quality Tools for Generations."

This new image is reflected in all communication, product packaging, and in the new publicity campaign denominated: "More than 58 Years of Quality and Tradition."

This advertising aspires to provide a more personal touch and a closer proximity to our customers and end-users.

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